Why cover your family and pets with potentially harmful insecticides when the Outdoor Accents Mosquito Misting Systems can guard your yard against harmful insects with a proven chemical compound called Naprovit?

Naprovit is an extremely effective compound whose active ingredients are corn oil and soybean oil. It is water based, is completely safe and is totally biodegradable, and it is used world-wide to effectively control mosquitoes and other biting insects.

To understand why the system works you need to understand the lifecycle of the mosquito. The mosquito’s entire lifecycle lasts around two weeks and their peak flying time is sunrise and sunset.

By setting your Outdoor Accents Mosquito Misting System timer to mist at these peak flying times we break the lifecycle of all mosquitoes within the misting area. After two weeks pass we have controlled all of the mosquitoes in the designated area. As time goes by your system will automatically control the few that fly in from other areas.

Consistent and automated mosquito control is guaranteed by using the Outdoor Accents Mosquito Misting System in the outdoor areas you entertain in the most.