Mosquito Control in Chicago

 The Mistaway Mosquito Abatement System

The Mistaway Mosquito Abatement System automatically delivers a fine, precisely measured spray of a Pyrethrin-based insecticide which is the active ingredient found in flea and tick shampoos for pets or used on produce at your local grocery store. The mist sprays through strategically placed spray nozzles that come on 2-3 times a day around the perimeter of the home and or yard, along the fence line, on the trees, as well as throughout the landscaping.

Kill Your Mosquitoes

The Mosquito misting system will kill and repel a broad range of nuisance insects. MistAway is the best automated misting system available today. It was designed to dramatically reduce insect populations in both residential and commercial applications. This effective control of mosquitoes and other biting insects creates a comfortable, enjoyable environment year around.  Call us for a free estimate at 815-774-9185.